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    Firearms, Hunting, Fishing, everything outdoors, Blacksmithing, oh and did I mention Firearms?
  1. Made my new forge today! Made from an old grill and grill frame. Used an old rusty brake drum from the scrap yard with a 1/8" plate welded over the hole (Very new to welding, looks horrible but it holds). Cut a + pattern into the plate for air flow and welded a 3/4" pipe to the bottom, then piped the rest for air flow and ashes. Runs great!
  2. Waldgeist, first of all you have yourself a beautiful workshop. I am hoping to build one by the looks about the same and in construction. What size is it?
  3. Thanks! I have no intentions of slowing down I caught the bug! :lol:
  4. Aww man I thought that was what blacksmiths do! Thanks!
  5. A picture or general hanger I made for my Grandmother. :lol:
  6. Made my first set of tongs today! Made from 1/2 inch rebar. The grips are 10 inches long. I have not completely finished fitting them and tweeking yet though. Thoughts on how to finish or improve these are welcome!
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