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    Hanging with my son (2yo), and drums. Starting to weld and blacksmith.
  1. Wow, thanks for all the responses guys! A friend of mine in my city has also given me similar warnings and advice. I think that I am going to just bite the bullet and build an actual aluminum foundry with his help. Sounds like you can make one for fairly cheap. I do need to do a lot more researching on this matter though, and buy some safer gear to do it with. Thanks again, I will keep you posted!
  2. Hey all. Not sure if this IS possible, but I don't see why not. I want to get into doing a bit of aluminum casting, but not enough to make the investment into making a full foundry. My question is... can I use my propane forge that I use for blacksmithing for a foundry as well? Its two old propane cylinders spliced together, and lined with a thermal fabric and itc-100. I do realise that I would need to place the cylinder on its side and fashion a cover/stand for the end, I just don't want to damage my linings trying this out. Has anyone tried this? Thanks in advance gents!
  3. It is around 100lbs. So the 10 makes sense, wonder what the 46 represents. Thanks for the reply Thomas!
  4. Hey Jim, I am from Winnipeg. I am just starting out in blacksmithing. Thought I would say hi.
  5. I have located a decent anvil (appearancewise), but wanna fin out what the numbers represent. It's a Vulcan anvil with a 10 and a 46 on either side. Definately not weights, but that's as far as I can get... Anyone have info?