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  1. here is my final paper thanks everyone for the help and hopefully i gave everyone proper credit if i didnt use your info in paper it wasnt that it wasnt helpful or interesting but that i could have writen all year and not finished with info i still wrote twice what i needed. hopefull everyone will enjoy and get something interesting from it. thanks all “The Fall and Rise of a Spark” Throughout history leading all the way up to the industrial revolution the smith and the skills which they used to create unique but usually very usable utilitarian object had a place in almost every village
  2. thanks all for the replies this information will be very helpful if anyone knows anyother blacksmiths around if you could refer them to this i would appriciate it thanks.
  3. can i ask for any blacksmiths who read this no matter proffesional or hobbiest to tell me in short when you got interested and started blacksmithing and what it was that sparked this interest and what helped you get started.
  4. I am writing a research paper on why the trade of blacksmithing almost died out in america in the middle of the 1960's and why it is haveing a strong reamergence now. I would appriciate any help with information on blacksmithingin the 1960's and if you are a blacksmith, if you could leave me information on when you started the trade,if it is a job or just a hobby, and short reason on what got you started or interested in blacksmithing. also if any one knows any blacksmiths makeing a liveing in the 1960' if you could ask them to chech this out i would appriciate it. Background on why i am d
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