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  1. Went down a rabbit hole or two chasing interesting links.  Went from Russian machinist making a 10 start left and right hand thread bolt and nuts, to really interesting stuff.  Nearly have the 10 part series watched.  Episode #3 he makes his file cutting chisels and files. #4 he gets into case hardening.  There is bronze casting, experiments for a historical version of dyechem ?  for layout,  some  techniques for soldering...  



  2. Wife sent me a video of casting large pots from recycled cans.  They seem to have it down to a science.  The sprues are just enough to suck down flat when they chill.  Any ideas on what the moulds might be made of.  Must have a fair bit of preheat in the mould to get the even fill.



  3. I've seen this can around before.  I'm sure it was my great grandfathers, but not positive.  Any idea on when and a what it was used for?  Only writing on it is 'patent applied' stamped on the bottom.  Mom had it stashed in a corner and came across it again.



  4. We stopped at the mother in laws new rental place and there was an interesting tree out back.  First though was osage orange with the round seed balls. But a  quick google kinda says it's something else. Unfortunately no new leaves just yet.   Does anyone know off hand what it might be.  Sorta had my hopes up it was osage and I could steal a few pieces for bow wood





  5. I'm thinking keep the profiles that are there for now and if you need something different it's easy to modify later.  Depending on how nicked or dinged the faces are they may or may not need a little cleanup.   My hammer that is similar has one face slightly rounded,  think the face of a pocket watch and the other is flat with nicely radiused corners for making tapers nice and flat.

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