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    Carpenter by trade, fisherman by choice, Welding student for a living...lol
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    Was a general superintendent for Pulte Homes Western United States division. Now a student
  1. I hope my second knife looks that good...Did you mushroom the welding rods after you put them in? I'm trying to picture how you would secure them. I haven't built a knife yet so I'm not sure about this process
  2. Have you thought about one of these..I'm sure there are cheap ones around. Nelson Manufacturing Water Bucket Heater for Dogs
  3. Use the existing wall in photo 1 and cut back the roof and slide some 2x6s on top of it. Sorry before that build 3 other walls matching a slope of at least a 1/4" per foot fall...Maybe even a little more do to you living in Oregon..You will be able to get away with just building three walls instead of four. If you plan on a 10' section then you outside wall will need to be 5" shorter then your existing wall. I hope this helps...If you already know all this then just disregard...good luck edit: 1/4 inch per foot would be 2.5" my mistake...but I would go 5" my self
  4. I'm in wide open Wyoming. About 60 miles from yellowstone...I am sure I can get the knife going just because I have help with having the instructor around. And I have seen some of these kids do it and I have a lot more WANT then they do. Do to being older and going back to college it's very different then going as a kid..lol..I am leaning towards a "full" damascus instead tho..not sure if it is easier or not. But I will have all kinds of tools and equipment at my disposal. I'm not sure why he starts us out with this project but I am also going to enroll in blacksmithing, just because this stuf
  5. I have no choice it is a project that must be done for a grade....I'm sure it won't be the best but it will be done. I am also thinking of metal plates and do a regular damascus..I'm not sure which one would give a a decent chance at a good quality knife when finished..I have been doing a lot of reading up so I have atleast some book knowledge about this process even before I step in to that class. Hopefully this will help.
  6. Wow what a great knife...very impressed
  7. What great photos and step by step process. Thanks a lot for these. And thanks to everyone else for their advice...much appreciated
  8. Ok I know just about na ta about making knives. But during next semester in college I will be making either a cable knife or some form of damascus bladed knife. Any tips for doing this would be much appreciated. I kn ow my instructor will have some advice but I would like some tips from guys who make blades often. He is more a welder then anything. I am a perfectionist so I am anal when it comes to certain things...So I want a knife I can be proud of....thanks in advance.
  9. I guess I should introduce my self. I am a student at Northwest college in Powell Wyoming and working on my associates degree in welding. I don't know much about welding but do enjoy it. I am also learning metallurgy as well. We will be making knives next semester and that is how I came to find this forum. I was or am a carpenter by trade for the last 15 years and since the bottom fell out of the market for homes I got laid off from Pulte Homes. So I needed to find a new career. And I am still 34 years young so not to late to start over. I'm sure I will be asking a LOT of questions here so bea
  10. From my understanding the electrodes are covered in bee's wax. after a arc is striked it creates a bubble for them to weld in. That is how it was explained to me when I went and checked out the college of oceaneering in wilmington california many years ago. Sorta crazy it is that simple.
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