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  1. David Roeder

    Musso Bowie

    Here is an interpretation of the Musso Bowie. Completed 11-12-2017
  2. David Roeder

    Fireman's Hunter

    This is a Hunter for a Fire Department Chief to commemorate his 20 years of service as a Fire Chief.
  3. From the album: Knives, and Blacksmithing

    This is a 425 Layer random Ladder & Raindrop pattern Damascus Bowie knife. I used Snakewood for the handle, and added a Mosaic pin and spacers for a nice contrast. Blade measures 11 3/4" and the over all length is 17 1/2" Completed Memorial Day, 2012
  4. From the album: Knives, and Blacksmithing

    May 2012. Amboyna Burl & Ebony handle. 1095 mixed with cable damascus blade.
  5. David Roeder

    17th Century Rapier

    I made this for my daughter. This is a forged 5160 blade, stablized quilted maple handle, and engraved upper guard. 36 1/2" blade 47 1/2" OAL
  6. David Roeder

    17th Century Rapier

    One I made for my daughter
  7. From the album: Knives, and Blacksmithing

    The newest piece from the shop. Rather a jem :-)
  8. David Roeder

    Belt Knife 2

    From the album: Knives, and Blacksmithing

    1830's style, period belt knife.
  9. From the album: Knives, and Blacksmithing

    Forged by David Roeder
  10. From the album: Knives, and Blacksmithing

    Forged by David Roeder
  11. March 3,2011 This is a 1095 cable damascus knife that I reciently finnished. Elk handle with schrimshaw, nad stainless guard.
  12. Hello all ! Well not really been around much. Buisness has kept me going. Altho here soon I should be able to be around once in a whyle. The ram is 3" so that should be about 8 or 9 tons. I have a Leeson 5hp 220v. motor running it. It runs about 3gpm at 3250rpm.
  13. My new hydrolic press !
  14. Can anyone tell me any information on this forge ? Approx date, and manufacture ???
  15. Wow, I must say I am speachless ! That is stunning work....
  16. Hey everyone ! I just wanted to see if there is any interest in a Spring 2011 (March 2011) knifemaking class ? I am putting together another corse for beginning knifemaking, and it includes everything from beginning to end. 3 day class, it may be condenced to 2 depending on avalability. The corse starte off on a talk on knifemaking, steels, and use of the forge. Forging a knife blade (either hidden or full tang) grinding, heat treating, final grind, Handle selection, guards, fit and finnish, sharpening. If there is time afterwards sheath making. Not sure or not, but I thought i'd throw it out on here for all you in the NW area interested in learning knifemaking. Any questions please call or e-mail me !!! D.Roeder1980@yahoo.com 509-768-9417 Dave Roeder
  17. Hi all ! Some years ago there was a gentleman who came up to my shop here in Tri-Cities WA to learn alittle about blacksmithing. This man did not have a forge at this point, so I so kindly allowed him to borrow an extra of mine. He was a Lama rancher from mid Oregon. Does anyone know who I may be reffering to ? ? ? I would like to get ahold of him and see about getting my forge back. Any help would be great ! Please personal message me, or e-mail me if you know who this man is. Thanks ! ! ! Dave Roeder
  18. David Roeder


    198 layer small bowie knife. Made 4-7-2008
  19. Brooke-Lynn with Daddy in the back yard.
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