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    Long back last year. I worked the Wind project in the area
  2. David Roeder


    A finnished side view of the hammer with handle.
  3. David Roeder


    This is a hammer I made for myself from a 3lb. sledge. I forged the head into the one end, and now that is my primarry use hammer for what ever I make. I call it my "PIG" hammer
  4. David Roeder


    Devyn with his new BB gun.
  5. David Roeder


    Here's little Miss Brooke. Now just shy of 4 months old.
  6. David Roeder

    The Pig

    This is a hammer I made for myself once at the shop. This is a Japanese Pig. 3lbs. weight.
  7. David Roeder

    Damascus Bowie

    This is a random pattern Damascus Bowie. The steel is 1084 & 15n20 carbon. 120 layers approx. Handle is Stag,and fittings are filed ATS-34.
  8. Devyn likes to be in the shop.
  9. David Roeder

    Period Piece

    This is a carbon steel (5160) period piece I made for the local free trappers assoc.
  10. This is a close up vew of a random pattern damascus blade.
  11. David Roeder

    Damascus Utility

    This s a Damascus Utility knife forged from both conventional damascus and cable damascus.
  12. David Roeder

    Damascus Bowie

    This is a simple Damascus Bowie. Shorter 7" blade from 120 layer 1084, 15n20 carbon.
  13. This is a "Basket Weave" Mosaic Damascus knife. Blade length is 8" with Snake wood & Antler handle.
  14. David Roeder


    This is a damascus knife. Other than that I don't have a name for it. It was just something to do one day at the shop.
  15. David Roeder

    Class A

    My class A uniform.
  16. David Roeder

    Titanium Ring

    This is a Titanium ring. Size 7.5 and weighs .001oz. Yes ! I said .001 oz. Super light weight !
  17. This is a Damascus hunting knife. 120 layer damascus 1084 & 15n20. Handle is Reindeer antler,with mamouth ivory accents. Brass guard,and butt plate.
  18. David Roeder

    The Pig !

    Here is a 3# hammer I made as my main forging hammer. This is a Japanese pig, and in Japanese I have the name PIG written on it. This was forged by me in 2006
  19. This is a Damascus Friction Folder. Blade is a 100's layer random pattern Damascus. Bolsters are carbon steel. Handle amterial is Mamouth ivory.
  20. David Roeder

    Key Ring

    Dragon head key ring. Also there is a Wizard head attached.