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Beginners in Saskatchewan and perhaps your area.

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Today a friend told me that our provinces Western Development Museums offer weekend blacksmithing courses. Sure enough, I contacted them and they offer them every month for about $175. Sometimes they get advanced courses going as well.

These museums are where you find all the old history about how our provinces can to be. They even cast their own parts on some of the old machinery the bring in. I am sure every city out in North America should possible offer something like this, especially those who live in the farming type provinces and states.

Just thought I would mention it in case some people would be interested in looking into it.



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Hey, that's cool !! I think I will have to see if there is anything like that in my area :-)
Thanks for the info !!

Checkout Moose Jaw. They have a Western Development Museum.

Moose Jaw WDM: (306) 693-5989

Jackie Hall, Program/Education Officer

Email: jhall@wdm.ca

She will know.

Good Luck.

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I took the class a few years ago now. It is a great class for beginers and for those self-taught ones to see where they stand. Unfortunately, I don't think it's available at any of the other museums. There maybe some under the table courses but I think it's the only one offered to anyone in sask. If you're in the saskatoon area, you need it to demo at the WDM in 'toon, which I whole-heartedly endorse. There are a couple of guys that spend most of their time helping the new smiths, one of which I believe was a master smith from germany but may be mistaken on. Another person to talk to is Craig Cambell. He used to have a group called Tues. night blacksmiths so that people without access to a forge could get time to forge through the week. Last I heard talking to him, he was thinking of maybe starting it again with time and demand.

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