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sorry glen i cant post this in the tailgateing section

ok to smiths and those just dabbling in the art is do you think there would be any intrest in a decnet set plans for a rolling forge cart with bellows (or the bellows themselvs) of so what groops

or would some one makeing the entire forge cart or stand alone bellows be better

the photo attached is a picture of a prototype midproduction with out its wheel baseand on stilts


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I saw a smithy at a fair of some sort that had his bellows set up so that he could let the children pump them for him...free labor...but he was very good at his demonstrating, and showed them how the bellows affected the fire and so forth. He also had a neat little gadget that he placed a small heated piece of square stock and the children could turn a handle that made a twist in the stock. He'd then hammer out a hook of some sort and cool it then give it to the child that helped him. Pretty neat set up.

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ok i have gotten everything on this forge done except the firepot because i am waiting on refractory so tested with clay it works well and there is local intrest so i am going to make some plans and start makeing some bellows but i have littlt experince with side blast forges so what would the ideal smallwork( ie less than one inch solid) forge firepot be

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