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Dan Boone will be demonstrating for us on MARCH 14th. Dan has demonstrated at ABANA Conferences, Fire on the Mountain, and countless other events. He is the host of the "Pasture Party" that has been a staple in this areas fun activities for over 10 years.

Dan is a direct relative to THE Daniel Boone and has published a book on his family. He is also one of the best smiths I have ever met in his personality, attitude and willingness to help. He is widely known for his dragon heads and will be putting on a great demo!

More info on the demo topic to come soon!

WHEN: March 14th 9:30am-4:30pm
WHERE: Yesteryear School of Blacksmithing Crewe VA
WHO: Dan Boone
LUNCH: Hot Dogs will be available for purchase.
IRON IN THE HAT: Make sure you bring an item or two for our primary guild fundraiser!

Let me know if you are thinking of attending. ALL are welcome. Members and Non members! We are all members of the same community no matter what guild if any you are a member of! Blacksmithing is what it is all about and we welcome ALL Blacksmiths ALL the time!


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