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Rolled Tool Sockets

Warren Nakkela

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Say you want to forge a spear point with a socket for the wooden shaft. Or maybe a hoe or rake. The socket would have a conical section which transitions into a cylindrical section. For the socket I guess I would first forge a solid conical section and then flatten it out to form a truncated triangle to be rolled over a mandrel leaving enough steel for a shank. I suppose one could calculate the volume at the start of the cone and the end plus any transition points. Then with these numbers figure the volume of the solid cone (before flattening) to have the right amount of steel in the right place. There are variables as to how the cone is flattened. (Cross peen, round face hammer, flat dies etc) I guess my question: Is there a simple way to determine what size and shape solid cone to forge to end up with a hollow cone plus any lap for welding and meet specs?:confused::confused:

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