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Draw Bar

Ed Thomas

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Does anyone know if the 3-point hitch draw bars are anything special, or are they simple mild steel? I "loaned" mine to someone and it disappeared. So has the loanee. I know they are rated by category, but my tractor isn't a monster. It's a MF utility with the Perkins 3-cyl diesel. Seems criminal to pay for something so easy to make. I could probably finish it in the time it takes me to go to town to get one.

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Hollis: I was picturing forging the ends when I envisioned doing it. I guess I could weld also. Thanks. I'll be making one in the near future. Maybe I could forge dragon heads on the end and add a few quatrefoils so I can move this discussion to the blacksmithing forum. :mrgreen:

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Ed, if you meant the one with all the holes that fits in the ends of the lift arms, they are usually good material (1045) or better, but are in an unhardened state. Ones for larger tractors are usually a little harder.
When welding the stubs on when making a new one or repairing an old one I usually flame cut a 1 inch or deeper slot in the end and then insert the stub in this slot and weld it in using 7018 rod.


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