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Finished Anvil Stand and Almost Finished Anvil

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I just finished a light anvil stand for my rail anvil, and am about half way through cutting off a 6 inch section of rail joiner (not track, it's heavier with more material under the larger top surface, and has conveniently placed holes for mounting it to things punched in the middle) to go on the stand (I'm using a midget hacksaw, wd-40 and elbow grease woo! hoo!). Unfortunately I made the stand about 4 inches too tall, so I will have to make a little platform to stand on, but it is a good height for all you grown up types. :D
Pictures tomorrow or next weekend, probably next weekend once I finish the whole setup.

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Looking forward to the pictures. I don't know abot anyone else but I've gotten spoiled by saws,torches,welders and sanders. I enjoy your posts because they remind me of when I didn't have the toys/tools that I have now.
Your enthusiasim for the craft is an inspiration to us all. :!:


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