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sword identity?


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My buddy showed me a sword lately that he got from his father. says it's from Africa and was used in a war of some sort. it's in roughish shape and has a cast brass or bronze gryphyn haed for the pommel. the basket is pierced sheet brass/steel hard to tell, and is crimped and soldered into the gryphyn's mouth. It has a punched picture of a large ship with 4 or 5 square sails, a pennant or flag on the mast, a clipper type hull, with round portholes along it's length. the blade's temper line is 6" above the basket (weird i think) and the rest of the blade has been totally quenched. the blade is engraved probably acid etch with the words (s)Havercool V.O.C. Batawa in a floral box. The (s) is possible , there was a rust spot right there. the other side of the blade has a floral pattern on about half the blade and the Maker's touch mark a large V with an O near the top of the left arm of the V and a C on the right arm same height as the O.

Any and all information that i can pass on would be appreciated


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