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Greetings to you all. I've been spending some time over the past several months reading all I can on the art of blacksmithing. In that time I have looked through the ABANA site plus several others and found this one to look at discussions regarding the hobbyist.

Extemely interesting. Currently I am convincing myself to obtain some 4X4 bar stock to create my first, relatively inexpensive anvil along with a home-made forge created from a brake drum.

I am looking forward to gleaning as much information as I can. Currently living in Southern Oregon (Klamath Falls). I did talk to one of the few local 'smiths here (shop in a small community off HWY 140) who graciously told me I could visit when (and if) I find the time.

This is such a far cry from what I do for a living (CPA specializing in taxation), I am a little nervous about it all. By way of history I am the son of a CWA (communication worker) union member and shop steward, I worked my way through school doing various jobs (nights store manager, drywaller, construction, etc), and I am no stranger to hard physical labor.

So, hello to you all, I am looking forward to trying my hand at this for fun and recreation. Thank you all for an informative and interesting site.


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