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Cold anvil

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Up here in saskatoon, she gets down to -30 celcius commonly and I've never bothered warming up my anvil. Sucks the heat out a bit faster but if you watch your heats and are smart it works fine. IMO it would take much longer to properly heat an anvil without introducing stresses than it's worth. Of course I only use a 2-3 pound hammer on a 128 pound anvil. May want to if you're striking.

As to ways to, many heat up a sheet of metal in the forge and lay it on there while getting organized. There's a thread on it if you search.

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pretty common thing i here about is the "cords or heater coils that are wrapped around engine blocks that you plug in over night to keep the old engine worm so it will start better, i use the same thing on all the pipes over ground that run to the pool so they will not freeze in winter.

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