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52100 steel --what letter??


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Sandpile, I've checked hartfords guide to steel and piping and find no other designation for 52100. 52100 as it stands is a high impact work hardening steel. More commonly use for ball bearings and bearing races. It should make really strong mandrels if heat treated properly after shaping. Hope this helps. :D

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ALAN B. -- Thanks for looking. I picked this 52100 up from a man that was buying the drops. I hope it is E but will have no way of knowing. I will just treat as ED FOWLER says on the E52100. It is small rounds 5/8" X 4'. Iwill cut it off in 8" or 9". I plan on upsetting it quite a bit. Then will work it down for small blades. I am looking forward to this experiment. I will work it as cool as I can get it to work.


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I would look up the steel manufacturers specs on 52100... As I rememeber the suggested working methods were preheat for a certain period, the slowly raise to working range, allow to soak at temp, then forge. BUt these are industrial specs, shop practice is another thing. It is always better to know the way you were supposed to do things:-) If you get something else to work great, it not you know why...

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