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Forge welded tomahawk?

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Greetings! I just wanted your opinion on making tomahawks. Some time ago I forged out a hawk head from a leaf spring, and wanted to forge weld an iron handle onto it. How would you guys do it? I thought of spliting an iron bar and then fitting the hawk in the slot and welding. I know you could fold some iron over and a weld a piece of file it it, but you wouldnt have a super little spike on the end. You guys might have better ideas. Oh, and dont mind the hole in the tomahawk, I was just fooling around. Thanks for your help!

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I believe that you will find tomahawks to have a wooden handle. This handle would be slid into an eye and naturally wedge itself like a pickaxe or adze handle ( handle in from the top ). Handle removable by striking the bottom of the handle on something solid (stump) and the head slipping off. The French and Spanish both contributed to the New World in bringing hawks and other axes with them. I would sincerely be interested in seeing something from your country ( Brazil ) that is historlcally accurate. Of course the English and the Norse also had axes of varying types. ALL would have contributed to bringing the New World out of the stone age.

I believe that these tools would have been wrought with steel bits welded in. Some would have had no poll ( read spike, hammer head, Fleur de Lis ) some would. Some axes would have been double bit. Eventually manufacturing would start here in North America.

Perhaps this should be in a section other than Blacksmithing.

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