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I Forge Iron

Exhaust from a gasser

Steve McCarthy

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Tonight I finished building and fired up my first gas forge. Its blown and heats 1/2" rebar QUICK. One end has a 3"x4" opening and 4"x6" on the other end. I finally got the air and gas adjusted so no flames are jumping out the door. This is my first experience with gas and was supprised at the exhaust. I suspect that "Dragons Breath" refers to actual flames comming out because of improper air/fuel mix. Three feet from the door the exhaust is too hot to hold my hand. Is this normal? I tried turning down the air but then I loose the heat. I was just wondering what the normal backblast area was. How does this compare to yours?

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well that is a downside of a gas forge... I end up useing a glove sometimes with a gas forge because of that .. three feet is a long way but is that just warm there ? can you use tongs with bare hands to grab stuff at the intrance? that is usually what i have mine set up like ... propane heats everything wich isnt bad if your shop is cold but a real pain in a hot summer day. goood luck!

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