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Warren Nakkela

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Hello all and Merry CHRISTmas from Northwest Oregon,
I have had this ironworker for some time now and I want to set it up. I will have to get three phase power but that can be done ($).
Besides the normal ironworker capabilities (punching, notching and shearing) has anyone used such a machine for stamping and embossing? It is a Pendinghaus and is rated to punch 3/4 inch holes into 3/4 inch mild steel.
I can see that one would need to set the punch/stamp to only enter the hot iron perhaps 1/4 inch or less. I would be interested to hear from anyone with experience using ironworkers as such.

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Warren, Is it hydraulic? If so all you need to do is make a stop to stop the stamp from entering the steel more than you want. This of course would mounted on the lower anvil part of the press. Did you get any tooling with ironworker? Please post pictures. We love pictures. Merry Christmas.


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The rule of thumb with punching is that you should not punch a hole smaller than the plate is thick. In other words you can punch a 3/4'' hole through 3/4'' plate if the machine has the tonnage but it puts a lot of stress on the punch to do it.Better to go 13/16'' with a sharp bottom die with extra clearance.
Cleveland Steel Tool is the place to buy tooling and they can give excellent advice for any kind of application.
I do not know if you can limit the stroke on a mechanical ironworker. Usually with a flywheel driven machine it must complete its stroke or you risk serious major damage.
I have a 50 ton Cleveland/Edwards hydraulic ironworker which does have an optional stroke limiter. The depth of stroke can also be controlled with the foot operated valve.
I think you are better off getting a fly press to do hot stamping operations.

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