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The Power Of Limits


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Gyorgy Doczi put forth this book in 1981, the Title is "The Power Of Limits"
subtitled --Proportional Harmonies in Nature, Art & Architecture. If you have ever wondered why, at the end of a project, it does not seem somehow correct, this may be the book for you. The content is enlightening to the aspects of proportions, we see them in nature, but do not recognize how many ways they manifest themselves, in the plants that surround us, even our own bodies. Several thought provoking quotes are listed in the text, as well as photos and diagrams. If, like me, math is not your strong suit, the calculations can simply serve as a backsdrop to the overall theme of the book. It resonates once you grasp what he is attempting to convey, and my work will never be the same, now that I have been exposed to it.

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Sounds like something everyone could read. I constantly have to remind myself quit being so mechanical and let it flow. when i am learning something it never looks right, so i put it down come back and do it again, then I make it my own. The man I learned from would say "Stand up and dance with it" You are not a robot. When i did things got easier, finer,and quicker. I'll order that book. Can always use fine tuning on my understanding of any thing bigger than me. I'm with you on the math!

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