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newbie from NWGA


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Hello all.

Just wanted to introduce myself. I live in NW Ga and have decided on taking up a new hobby. Deer season will be over soon and i have to have something to kee me occupied so i decided on making knives and such. I look forward to chatting with everyone and I am sure to have questions. The first of which anybody live around my area???

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Looks like we are on the same page of newbies to the forum, welcome to you. Sounds like you are new to blacksmithing. I don't live in Georgia, but my family bought their first land there in 1790 in the Gibson area of NE Georgia south of Augusta. I'm in California, spoiled by the good weather almost all my life.
My book list is limited, but to understand steel and how to temper types of steel properly, I recommend getting a copy of "Country Blacksmith" by Charles McRaven off of one of the online book stores like Powells or Amazon. It should cost about $15-$20 used, it's out of print. To view styles of knives, I was able to buy "Levine's Guide to Knives and their Values" published in 1985 and 1989 for $6 at a book sale. It's main value now is reference of all the types of knives around the world and of the American knife makers section, it's a paper back but large and 480 pages. Online will be more.

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