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smithing courses\shools?


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Hi every one again.
A while a go I asked about apprenticship in australa, and talked to the swedish goverment about different ways about it.
Today I got an letter frome the swedish school minister.
He wrote that if I can find a smithing school thats is for at least 6 months,
I can get some money from a fond for "( hope I put it right) culture saving work"?? and the rest of the money from the swedish goverment.

So now is my big questions: Does any one know if there is any sort of smithing shool that is at least 6 monuts long in australian? or any one how lives in australian, how might be abel to put togeter a 6 monuts long course?


(never let the dream fall a part )

Edit: spelling corrected

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Hey all!

I've done some research.
I would say that a good starting point would be

This is a TAFE (Technical and Further Education) site. TAFE is a government-run technical school that operates nationwide. If you're looking for a six-month or greater course, look no further.

If you need any other help, give me a shout :-)

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Can't do any better than Smudger. And to add fuel to the fire, on the way to work I pass a building whare the positions vacant sign out the front has 'blacksmith' at the top of the list. That's in the western suburbs of Melbourne.

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