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I Forge Iron

Hello from another newbie.


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I have been visiting this site for sometime now and I am constantly amazed at the knowledge that is passed on.

I started working with iron about 19 years ago, I am no expert by any means and I still learn something new almost every day and thanks to this site I sometimes learn two things each day.

We (wife Lynda and I) Live down under in a little village called Gooloogong, where we run a metal fabrication shop, We work from home so each day I make the long trip of about 20 steps to our small workshop, and see what the day brings in through the gate. And we do get some interesting jobs.

Anyway that's enough from me I just wanted to say hello and I hope that in the future I might be able to help some others.

Are there any other Aussies on this site?? If so drop me a line and say Gooday.


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Hello Welder-man-- Glad to have you join us. You are the first from Gooloogong.GRIN There are a few more Downunder folks on this site and across the street at Forgemagic.

This site has kind of developed into a more interesting learning site . We have some people posting here that can paint a picture with words. It helps in the understanding what they are relating to us lesser endowed, budding blacksmiths.Grin.

Glenn and others have really done a good job on the blueprint section and on Tuesday night, there is a live real time visit before the blueprint starts.

Welcome aboard.

Chuck Bennett

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