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Coal supplier in STL, MO

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You probably get this question all the time but im new. I live in St. Louis, Mo and im looking for a coal supplier of any kind. A old hardware store used to sell 50lb bags but stopped selling it about 1 year ago. So the only one I know of is in Piedmont which is a 3 hours drive from my place which I don't really think the car will make it down there and back with all of its pieces.:D Any of you know of coal suppliers closer to the city? Thanks in advance:cool:

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Wagon Master antiques on the north side of hwy 40 in Saint Charles is where I get mine. The proprietor is old and seems to be clearing things out there so better lay in some stock soon. He sells it for $15.00 per bag and it seems good to me. There is very little clinker and minimal ash. The bottoms of the bags have too much dust though... you need to sieve it before putting it in the fire. BTW last time I was there he was hauling loads of scrap iron to the scrap yard and sold some to me pretty reasonably. He's a neat old guy who used to own a smithy. He gets confused when figuring the prices sometimes... don't let him undercharge you. He also has anvils, tongs, hammers, etc. A gem of a shop to visit.

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