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Fixing a vise

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I'm trying to set up my vise to use , but I ran into a little problem.
The key that keeps the screw box from turning in the back of the vise is
partly broken off,and so it spins.My first thought was to cut a new key and braze it on.
Is this the best way to fix it?
Sorry if this has been asked before but couldn't find anything in the blueprints or the search.

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48willys, 'they' say a picture is worth a thousand words. Photos would surely help us diagnose the problem.

What is the screwbox made from -- cast iron, wrought iron, mild steel? Is the screw thread brazed into the screwbox? What tools and skills do you have available to you? These will affect the answer.

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'48, How big is yor vise?
If it is a light size 4" leg vice with a light thin leg it might be easier to just replace it as they are the most common and go cheap.

But, if you are in an area where smithing stuff is scarce then you may have to do what blacksmiths are famous for- devise and fix.

Without seeing your vice its tough to say. Could you just forge a complete replacement in lieu of trying to fix a broken part? Dan :)

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I tigged material back on that spine you are talking about. Cleaned it up and made it fit in there nice and smooth. No problems nor cracking. Being that its purpose, like you said, was to keep it from spinning. And once the pressure builds up, all that force is on the "face" end touching the vise and not on that spine.

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