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I have been wanting to get into blacksmithing for several years now and I FINALLY have the resources to get started! I got the VHS and book of Alan Rogers from http://www.georgiacenter.uga.edu/tv/forge/ and watch his show every Friday on RFD TV (Direct TV channel 379) and also Alex Bealer's book. I also have Jack Andrews book, "The New Edge of the Anvil" on order also. Most everything else I have learned online reading blacksmith websites.

I live in Commerce Texas, just north of Greenville Texas. My wife is going to school and graduates in May. I graduated in '99 (BS in Computer Science) and went to work as a computer programmer. Did that until becomming disabled in Oct 2001. I love working with metal and have worked at jobs where I welded a lot, stick and MIG, steel, brass and aluminum.

Right now I have a small collection of hammers and a growing junk pile. I found a local recycling place that has LOTs of good stuff for only 15 cents a pound. I've got an anvil comming by UPS next week and a welder on Monday.


John Catron

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Welcome to the wonderful world of hot iron. There are many smiths in Texas who frequent this web site. There is also probably a blacksmith group in your area check the ABANA website to see where the closest group is. You will find this site and Anvilfire invaluable resources.


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This will get you in touch with the North Texas Blacksmith Association. We're an interesting bunch. last meeting was in Plano (at the heritage museum) and the location varies each time. mostly on the east side of the metroplex. Have any questions feel free to ask on here or at the site. Good luck and hope to see you soon.


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