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DIY Forge Press - Thinking about selling?


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Long story short, I built a forge press and it works great. However, we are planning to move in the relatively near future; coupled with the fact that since we have a newborn now (6 weeks...super excited!!) and a recent promotion at work, I have had very little time to make it out into the shop. Which all leads me to considering selling it as opposed to packing it up and moving it. Has anyone sold a forge press that they built? Any issues or concerns with that? Would love to see what others experiences have been. 

For reference I attached the drawings I created in AutoCAD / Fusion360 while planning my build. The 'As-Builts' have some slight differences, but I need to finish them before posting....Anyways, thanks in advance!!

Hydraulic Forge Press - Slides rev2.pdf 22.11.08 Press v2.0.pdf

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Yeah, having to move a shop is a lot of work.  When we moved here I was thinking that maybe I should have taken up a lighter weight hobby, maybe stamp collecting.  That is one of the reasons why this is our last house.  The only way I'm leaving hear is feet first.

Can't help you re the press.  I'd look on eBay, highbid, craig's list, etc. to research fair market value.


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