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My '60's Lodge and Shipley


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For the first time in perhaps 30 years, my Lodge and Shipley 14.5" x 56 tool makers lathe tonight made chips! it has been a 4 year project to get it home,stripped of the old smoked drive, smoked hydraulic tracer, stripped of the huge DC motor and mount. About 1000# to the scrap yard. Installed, leveled a drive found scroungered and installed. Then to get a tool post. Then to get the tee nut for the tool post cut down. Tonight I put a hunk of steel in the chuck, ground a HSS bit, and made chips. Then I tried the feed and that worked as well! I had to rebuil the gear selector for the feed, as some ham fist had forced the selector and broken it.
BUT, I made chips:)

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Congratulations PTree,

It's a real good feeling to actually get something going that came in as a project. I have been using my old Rockford (20's/30's model) to make pins for the blade on my old Caterpillar D4 (mid-40's) and for the first time in 4 years I pushed trees. I feel your joy!:)

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