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I am under the assumption that each person that comes here to I Forge Iron does so for different reasons. So I thought it might be a neat idea to take a moment or two and tell what part of IFI we like most and why...


PS... I would really like to see the moderators and administrators chime in on this one as well... So everyone think about it and let us in on your what and why...:cool:

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Had to hang out somewhere , why not here .
Friendly people , GREAT infomation .
What more could a person ask for


P.S . the BEER & the dancing girls help too

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I chose IFI because it allows me to perticipate in a comunity where the information flows freely and no one is looked at as unworthy of a responce due to the level of their experience or tallant, as is the case with other sites, and their sudgestions are looked at and if unsound an explanation is given as to the reason inorder to help that person grow in skill and knowledge.
;) These dancing girls... where might they be?

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