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Hi everyone. My name is Fred Frontino, and I go by FredlyFX in everything I do on the net. Email, gaming, websites (fredlyfx.com) etc. I always use FredlyFX. I live in the small town of San Jacinto in beautiful Southern California. (84degrees on Christmas day yeah)

I'm 43 and pretty much a newlywed still. I met the love of my life a few years ago at a Renaissance faire. We have been married 4 years in April. I've been working with metal most of my life in one way or another. I was the neighborhood bicycle repair shop, and then went on to Jr high & high school welding, metal shop and small engine repair classes. After spending 3 years in the Marines I got out and worked as a machinery mechanic at an orange packing house, then went on to numerous other jobs. I even had a handyman service for about 10 years. When I was 31 I went back to college and ended up getting into computers. My major is Public Administration, (I wanted to be a politician) but I kind of sidestepped into computers. I work now in the disabled students department at Mt. San Jacinto Community College. I train disabled students in the use of adaptive hardware & software. It's very rewarding, and it also pays for my expensive blacksmithing addiction.

Years ago I did a lot of competitive target shooting, (IPSC, Modern Action, Cowboy Action) but now I spend all my free money on tools. I used to do a lot of live steel sword fighting at Renaissance faires. I got into blacksmithing to make & fix my armor mostly. I found I loved the smithing more than the fighting, so I ended up selling off most of my swords and armor, and just do the blacksmithing now. I love creating new things, and want to continue in this wonderful art as long as my body will allow me.

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