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I Forge Iron

Greetings from sunny(?) West Palm Beach


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Been thinking about grinding my own knives instead of buying the pre-ground ones. Like to start working in Damascus and this looks like a good place to start. So I'll be looking for advise on belt sanders sources for steel and I expect to get some ribbing. I have some issues with my major joints so I don't know if a forge is in my future but we will see where it goes. Good day to all.

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Machining metal is something people with not alot of skill can attain great results with very expensive equipment and knowledge. Grinding metal with a belt sander takes alot of time and skill. Skilled forging is the fastest, cheapest, and some would say more superior way to form metal. With even crude equipment and skills, you can take hours off of your work time by forging.

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My name's above, 50 years shoeing horses, have done a bit of ornamental stuff, but planing to hang around here for ideas on pure blacksmithing. If my clients will let me back off on shoeing as I enter my eighth decade of life I may do more ornamental stuff. The body is still hanging in there.

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