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Good morning all - It is to be hoped this post finds you well. I've got an oiler off a champion 400 blower that I cant get to open. The cap starts to lift, so not completely stuck, but wont open enough to fill.  There are a couple of slits in the top of the body but I'm not clever enough to understand how to get it apart. Any help would be appreciated. -grant


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I just went out and looked at my Champion Lancaster blower which has the same oiler as your 400. It looks like the outer sleeve the cap fits into is just a press fit on the threaded base. Where yours looks like someone has peened in the base of the sleeve also the dent in the outer sleeve may be keeping the inner piece from coming up enough to expose the oil port. Mine has a spring that closes it when released, it may be rusted up, I can turn the cap on mine 360°. The first thing I would do is soak the whole thing in either Kroil or a 50/50 mix of ATF (Dexron) and acetone which should free it up if it's rusted. Other wise you probably will have to pry out the peening and work the outer sleeve up and off.

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PS: Is that oiler on the 400 you picked up a while back that had the line shaft set-up on it?

Another thing to try would be to take a wood dowel that will fit inside from the base and gently tap on the cap to see if it woild break loose.

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Thanks - this knurled top and the inner barrel spin on this oiler and will lift maybe a 1/16 of an inch. Not enough to expose the oiling port.  I to was wondering about the dents.  This blower came with the original 408 forge pan.  I have since gotten by hands on the blower bracket and original hood for the 408 and I'm trying to get it up and running for late summer and fall demonstrations.  That brings us back to the oiler.  I missed out on the line shaft driven 14 inch blower.  By the time I understood what it was it was gone.  Thanks for your interest and help. -grant

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