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I Forge Iron

Help Identify this


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I was picking some scraps up at a neighbors awhile back and found this. It's a chunk of iron 2 ft long and approx. 4 inches wide, with one end being round for about 7 inches of it's length. It looks like a pin was through the other end. It weighs upwards 50lbs.
Where I picked it up lived 4 older gentlemen on a small farm that kept both cattle and horses. All 4 worked in either contruction around heavy machinery or worked for the town works dept. also around heavy equipment.
And I should add that we are located close to the ocean where there's a good fishing industry and also a forest industry.

notice the pin on the left side




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could be a part for a lage farm impliment. a bailer, combine, ect. a friend had a section of the main drive for a combine that broke. i tried talking him out of it, but i think he had plans for it when he got his forge going.
try taking it to a tractor/farm supply place and see what they can tell you. :)

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