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Leland-Gifford 3MS-1356 drill press

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Hi fellow aspiring machinists,
My name is Eric and am building a home shop for fun and ranch maintenance.
A few years ago, like 12, I bought the 3MS and used it to fit out our new plant. I loved it.
One night, we were moving it into the new machine shop. The building designer put 84" doors on all the compartments and it was necessary to lean the machine over to get it into the room. Well, tragically, a strap broke and down it went, cruelly mis-handled. It broke into little pieces and I went outside and threw up.
Several years later, I welded the broken arch support section but never completed the job, due to other pressing matters.
Last week, the boss indicated that I should junk the machinery stored outside. I agreed to take the "junk" away.
If I can figure out how to post pix, I will show the project progress.

Ok, I think pix are in. The press is Greenerd 3B RT, saw is Rausmussen 10"x10" and works good. I put a 240V single phase on it and electric circ pump.
Pix shows 8 year old badly done weld attempt. I think it willo be ok. I made a jig to hold alignment of parts.
Thanks for looking,








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