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Highlander's setup thread

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I uploaded some pictures to the gallery. My "shop" spans three locations at the moment, seeing as I havent had the time to get a real setup going. My power tools (drill press, bench grinder, angle grinder, ect) are in one garage, my forge is currently at moya034's house along with a mousehole anvil, and a lot of my hand tools (files punches chisels) are in another garage. I think this weekend will be dedicated to restoring my post vise. After that, I will finish organizing my shop. PLEASE comment/criticize me. I need it.
Random Blacksmithing - Blacksmith Photo Gallery

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You will not find too many critics here, we have all been there at one point starting a new shop. You will however get great value learning from our mistakes.

Your start looks good, keep going. Remember in the guilds of Europe, you were not even considered for Master Class for 10 years. After 6 I can always learn, and like others I have a group of parts under my bench that were "under engineered" and didn't work out like I thought.

Welcome to the Family.

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Highlander, I would use the electrolytic rust removal process on that vise. It would be quick and a lot cleaner than trying to power wire brush all that rust off. Check this site for the recipe Electrolytic Rust Removal .
I keep a tank mixed up in my shop. My son has some old Jeep trailer parts in mine now. This solution will also remove old paint and caked on grease and dirt.

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