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Suggestions Please....

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I am new to propane forges..I use propane on one of my torch set ups but Ive always used a coal forge..Im looking at buying a propane forge and am wanting suggestions on a two models...
A..Small possibly one burner for everyday forging(no welding)
B..A good two burner that will get up too welding temp..
The reason Im asking on two models is that I havent decided on whether to buy a small forge for everyday normal forging and use my coal forge for welding or to buy a propane forge that will do both...Price is of course somewhat of a concern..Thanks

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A bigger forge will (of course) use more gas even when you're not welding. If you can get away with a one-burner for for most of the stuff you do, I'd go that way.

I can weld in my home-made forge with one Reil-style burner, but if I had a coal forge handy, I'd likely use that for welding to save my gas forge lining.

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