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Jan 30, 2022: Hammer-In at the Blacksmith of Trenton

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Daniel Lapidow (the Hebrew Hammer Blacksmith) will be giving a tour of The Blacksmith of Trenton (334 North Olden Avenue, Trenton, NJ), an active blacksmith shop since 1823. The tour will focus on the history of the shop, the various projects that have been created on-site, and a live blacksmithing demonstration.

The live demonstration will cover various projects that have proven popular at craft shows and have been successful at generating individual sales revenue. The demonstration will focus on such items as fireplace pokers, household hooks, bottle openers, and other items that sell consistently.

The tour of the facilities will encompass a history of the shop, the various tools and equipment that are employed in blacksmithing, and an overview of the projects made in-house.

Daniel Lapidow’s first exposure to blacksmithing was through his work on historical sites. He has been blacksmithing professionally for five years and his work focuses primarily on public craft shows and educational demonstrations.

Daniel is the current resident blacksmith at the Howell Living History Farm and serves at the primary blacksmith for Washington Crossing State Park, Wild West City, and multiple Renaissance Faires in the New Jersey area. Additionally, Daniel is a participant in the annual Trenton Art-All-Night event and teaches blacksmithing in his shop and at multiple sites throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania.


The event will be on January 30th, 2022 from 10am-4pm

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