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  1. Brought to you in two parts! http://njblacksmiths.org/archive/njba203a.pdf http://njblacksmiths.org/archive/njba203b.pdf Enjoy!
  2. Excerpt from our newsletter: Saturday May 27, professional swordsmith and NJBA Director Mark Morrow will teach the making of a billet of Damascus steel at a workshop to be held 10AM to 4PM at Marshall's Farm. The fee for the workshop is $100 plus $25 for materials, and is due on registration (not later than your arrival at the event). Space in the workshop is limited. Contact Mark to register for (and secure your space in) the workshop. Like all hands-on events, this workshop is open only to NJBA members, but nonmembers may join when registering by paying the $20 membership dues. Tailgate sales welcome. Contact details are available in our newsletter. If you're not a member, send me a private message for more information.
  3. Hi all, Open forge at Marshall's will resume 02/13. These are every Monday at 7:00. Marshall's address is in the NJBA newsletter, or PM me for details. We hope to see you there! -Ryan