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Old anvil information

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We won't remember your location once leaving this post, hence the suggestion to put it in your profile. As far as the weight the numbers are the CWT of 466 pounds when it was made. Are you sure the first number is a 4? As far as value it depends a lot on if the anvil passes the "ring & rebound " test. I hope you have read about not doing any grinding, milling or welding on the hardened steel face. The slight sway and edge damage will not hinder the performance of that fine old lady in the least. Trying to "fix" it causes more damage than just using it.

BTW typing in bold founts is frowned upon.

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I think the first number is a 1 as well. That said, in the CWT system the first number is units of 112 pounds, the second number is quarters of 112 pounds (28 pounds), so second number will be 1-3, the third number will be 0-27. Make perfect sense? Those silly old English measures again. I would also bet the anvil was made in England some time after 1830 (It has a pritchel).

So: If your anvil is marked 1-0-18, it should weigh 130 pounds +/- a few pounds.  It looks like it is still very usable, a bit swayed and a few edge chips, but as long as the face plate is still solidly attached and hard, it should have years of life left. Don't grind or try to weld on it, a wire wheel will clean it up just fine.

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