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Troubleshooting my frosty T burner


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I'm really not sure if this is the correct section to ask questions but I will give it a shot. 

My burner is pulsing. I have tried 8"-2" shafts to get the flame to torch, also with different size mig tips (.45-0.030) and I have got the most success with the 6" shaft and the .030 mig tip cut back about half way. My issue is that as soon as I introduce more fuel to the flame it blows out and the flame jumps to the top and burns there. I have tried playing with the air intake by capping off the ends and sliding the open/closed and this does not work either. I am very new to forging as this is the first gas forge. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also I just joined this group so please send my in the right direction if I'm not posting correctly.

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The video will not run for me without spooling for a long time.

Some still pictures of the forge and burner will help, the alignment of the mig tip, pressure regulator etc. How many cubic inches is the interior of the forge and what size burner? One thing I noticed is it looks like your insulating wool is not coated. If so it is a very serious health risk from fibers floating in the air. I'm sure the burner guys will be along to help.

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