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Thak Ironworks Chess Set Challenge 2020

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If this has already been posted I apologize, I searched around and didn't see anything.

I discovered Thak Ironworks Youtube a while ago. He does some really great work, especially in the sculpture department.

Thak started this Chess Set Challenge last year before the "rona" kicked off real good and the set was finally complete earlier this month. Definitely a bright spot of 2020.

He did all the big pieces and asked for help from the community to do the pawns in the form of critters. He got some really cool entries from some talented smiths. I think my favorite pawns are "The Snake and The Sword" (Douglas Morlock), the "Octopus"(Julian Amati-Lecours) and the "Tortoise" (Torbjorn Ahma), but everyone's piece came out great and really makes the set standout IMHO. 

The "Pope Eddy' was pretty awesome too.

He has a playlist of the videos of the pieces he made on his channel be sure to check it out and the pawn makers as well.

I made the bulldog. Not nearly as good as the other pieces but this hobbyist was just happy to be on the board.

Been a while since I've posted. Hope everyone is doing well.


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