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Progress in making tongs


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My first pair of tongs is far left..5/8th rebar, with drilled bolt hole and peened over bolt.

Got ambitious on the second pair (2nd from left)...Pelgrom tongs with wacky proportions and weak area in one of the jaws. These were drawn out from some heavier rebar. They haven’t broken yet, but do have some unwanted flex.

3rd from left pair....kind of a cold mess (they’d be a hot mess if I actually used them). Jaws went awry and one is very weak. Ended up with odd boss/handle junction angle. But like the previous pair, I punched the rivet hole and peened a rod for the rivet.

Made the pair on far right today. These are much stronger than the previous 2 efforts. I’ve filed a groove across the jaws so I can hold stock in either direction. 
Cold and snow ahead in the forecast, so my forging is likely over until spring.


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