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I Forge Iron

was Hijacked Long Island NY


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This post is old, however, I live in Dix Hills L.I....adjacent to both Commack and E. Northport.  Looking for close classes or others working in their backyards but doubtful...too many folks here more interested in watching someone polish their new Tesla I suppose.   If you are out here though, then give a shout...looking to learn.

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We are not participating in the Covid culture.   Non factor in my life.  I am a bit of a blank slate here.  1st day on the site, 1st week that I'm looking at this seriously.  I have nothing to share as far as the trade goes but happy to connect.  I think I have the anvil piece figured out and now I'm getting my head around the forge part. 


where are you located?  maybe you were the Commack guy?


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Yep, I'm the Commack guy. I'm pretty close to the High School for reference. If you don't now already, there's a salvage yard near Deer Park called Mid Island Salvage (1007 Long Island Ave, Deer Park, NY 11729) and it's close to the L.I.R.R. Great place to look for large metal pieces that can be used as an anvil. I've gone a few times looking for stock to forge. They let you walk around the yard, which is rare these days. If you're still working out what to use for an anvil or need materials to build a forge, that's a great place for it. Just don't go the day after it rains - it's a pure mess.

I'm not sure exactly what you meant when you say ...not participating in the Covid culture. If we meet, I'll be wearing a mask and would ask if you would as well. Totally understand if you don't want to and masks not your thing, however, I would still like to connect with a fellow fledgling blacksmith. Maybe we can chat over the phone first.


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