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Loosing heat when localize cooling


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Sometimes you loose heat when localizing the end of something by sticking in to far or taking the time to do it carefully.

Here is how I solve the problem:

I keep a wide shallow empty can handy and put just enough water in it to get the depth of cooling I want, then out of the forge, into the can till it touches bottom and then out and perform what ever procedure I have in mind for it. Its amazingly quick and precise and simple.

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I also keep one of those tall cans with a white inside in a little rack in front of my anvil on my tool table to put my punches and chisels in after using and just leave them till done, more effective cooling than dipping in the slack tub and its quicker. Also been thinking about using a piece of SS pipe with a clip on it to hang on the side of my SS slacktub for putting tongs and small things in to cool with a bottom on it with holes for circulation.

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