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Hydraulics, 1 pump to 4 pistons?

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This sounds like a fancy port-a-power. Your 4 jacks would no longer be jacks they would simply be cylinders. The relief vaves would be left open and when you let the fluid come back to the hand pump the cylinders would retract due to gravity. If you put a valve on each line at the hand pump you could control two valves at a time to make the table level or not as long as the top of each cylinder has some type ball joint where it attaches to the table.

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I'm not sure of the weight you are hoping to support on your table but a trick I learned from some carvers was to use the hydraulic base of an old dentists chair with a table attached where the chair was. They raise to considerable height, will support a couple of hundred pounds, rotate 180 or 360 and have a break to lock them in position. Some are electrically equipped. I've had a few of them and have purchased them for a couple of hundred bucks. Phone around to dentisis or check dental supply shops.

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