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Rebuilding Little Giant hammers

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I tried to respond to a question by tkunkel concerning a burned out  25lb LG.

My computer wouldn't let me answer him in that forum, so I thought I would put it out here, and some others might get some good from the Knowledge.

Years ago, I bought a 50 lb LG that was in poor shape. So I found Sid Suedmeier and his company, bought a new main shaft, found a source for Babbit, and bought a book by Richard R Kern.

Do yourself a favor, and buy the book, The Little Giant Powerhammer, ISBN 1-880173-02-6. For sale on Amazon for around $50. For sale elsewhere for much more.

If you are a black smith, none of the work involved in restoring the hammer should be beyond your abilities. The book provide a plan and examples by way of pictures.

And in this day and age, with the internet, added clarification is easily come by.


Good luck, and keep us posted


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