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Just starting out


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Just starting out. Took a couple of courses at the North Home Folk School (northern Minnesnowta).

Built the forge and lite a fire. So far it has been aggression therapy, heat it hot and hit it, again and again. Made a couple of hooks (wife grabbed for hanging plants) and working on second set of tongs. What ever the piece of scrap rod was it sure is hard! Living on an old farmstead, a lot of old steel parts, pieces, and machinery around to work with. Put up steel walls around the old corncribs (drive through) and wired it with power last winter. I need to add in a lot of insulation before fall, the wood stove didn't do much. Had a big radiator for a roof.

Hope to learn a lot from the site, thanks.

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Howdy from East TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI! Blacksmithing is SO MUCH cheaper than a 'talking doctor' and when you shut the door for the night ya always feel like you accomplished something. I haven't checked but did you happen to post your grandad's shop picture in the gallery here. I can't seem to enlarge it from your post. Grab something to eat and drink, kick off your shoes, get comfortable and enjoy the site. TONS of infor here and tons more pictures...we like pictures so if ya got em share em. Once again welcome.

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...we like pictures so if ya got em share em. Once again welcome.

I think I was able to post a three pictures of the old shop.
The building is still there but no longer in the family. The last time I was out that way it is now mainly used for storage.
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