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Sad anvil scams

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I've seen plenty of folks trying to sell junk to suckers, but the Craigslist ad I came across today was so upsetting.  Someone took an anvil that must have had a hard life and milled the top right down to nothing.  The horn and cutting table were ground down, and blended smoothly.  The anvil was advertised as having no repairs and looked quite convincing, but anyone who has dripped sweat on an anvil would see the clues.  Someone spent a lot of time on it.  Hopefully someone purchases it for interior decor because I doubt there is a smidge of tool steel left on that face.  As a beginner I might have gotten excited about a big anvil like this that looked clean and well cared for.  I might have been suckered by such an advert.  I feel fortunate that I had a few years working under other smiths before I could afford to buy any tools or get suckered by a con like this seller, I'm just sorry for the person with big dreams who pays top dollar for this one.  

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