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Mystery metal test

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Working with what I had and not trying to make anything useful, I had a go at some mystery metal from a 7 1/4" carbide tip circular saw blade I had in the dead pile. Being that it was carbide and Task is a brand that flirts at the end of unusable junk, I wasn't expecting much. Process as follows

Heat to non-magnetic, quench, file test.

Water quench - hard, file skates

Re-heat and air cool

Oil quench - hard, file skates, some bite in areas that probably decarbed.

Temper in toaster oven @ 450f for 1 hour and allow to cool.

Stick in vice and bend, has some flex, makes clean break without taking a bend.

Re-temper by colour with a torch, proceeded through blue and purple to deep copper/bronze (under flourescents)

Put in vice and bend, bends without breaking repeatedly until metal fatigues and breaks.

1st temper on right, 2nd temper on left. Any opinions? Technique? Material usability? Uses?




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